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Attention-Grabbing Tools
for involving parents in their children's learning

In this age cell phones and social media, of sound bites of eyewitness recordings, the very definition of communication is changing. This book explores a wide range of tools -- from take-home information and materials, through parent conferences and learning nights, to digital and social media. Teachers will learn new ways to establish and maintain a solid parent-teacher relationship, one that holds the child at the centre of all education decisions.

Written by: Jane Baskwill
ISBN: 9781551382838

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Attention Grabbing Tools      Attention Grabbing Tools

Canadian Teacher Magazine contains an excellent review of Books as Bridges.

Books as Bridges explores the many advantages of using books as bridges between home and school.  It offers teachers strategies for using "touchstone" books to link school literacy conversations and activities with home literacy conversations and activities.

Books as Bridges introduces a process for using children's books to explore four key aspects of literacy - predictable structures, nonfiction, comprehension and imagination and language play. Each literacy aspect is described in terms of a series of strategies, which are highlighted by their use with specific touchstone books, and supported by lists of related books to consider.

Numerous reproducibles and send-home materials, as well as suggestions for supporting families for whom English is not the first language, complement this timely resource.

Written by: Jane Baskwill
ISBN 978-1-55138-250-0

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Books as Bridges    

Getting Dads on Board offers teachers effective strategies for attracting, recruiting, and keeping fathers involved in their children’s literacy learning. Based on the belief that involving fathers early in their children’s learning benefits children, this practical book explores programs that increase children’s cognitive abilities, build self-esteem, and nurture social competence.

This highly-readable book includes stories from many different dads about powerful literacy events that they participated in with their children and what they learned from this experience.

 From letters to send home with suggestions for games and activities to tips for organizing workshops and other literacy events, this remarkable book offers new and experienced teachers the tools they need to get and keep dads on board.

Written by: Jane Baskwill
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781551382340

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Getting Dads On Board     

Read the review from the Canadian Teacher Magazine Winter 2009
and one from Professionally Speaking,  the magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers

Yes, but...
I have to prepare my students for standardized tests.
my class has many students with special needs.
how will I bring parents, principals, and school districts on side?

These are only some of the real classroom challenges that face busy teachers every day. This innovative book explores constructive ways teachers can meet the literacy learning needs of a diverse range of students with engaging practices that are both authentic and accountable. The book is committed to connecting students` existing knowledge, experiences, and interests to classroom literacy learning that is relevant and purposeful. At the same time, it offers a wealth of specific curriculum projects that will help teachers both engage students and build skills that will improve test scores. Open its covers today, and discover a curriculum in which students are active participants in making meaning and decisions about their learning.

Author(s): Susan Church, Jane Baskwill & Margaret Swain

Pembroke Publishing
ISBN: 9781551382111

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Complete How To's for Making Manipulative Reading Tools That Kids Can't Resist


"Boost children's understanding of story structures with these adorable, moveable footbooks, jumbo storyboards, wallmats, puppets, and other tools that allow kids to play with print. Includes activities, favorite books, chants and rhymes, and step-by-step instructions.

Scholastic Inc. ISBN 0-590-12877-9

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