Stage Plays

Jane’s undergraduate degree is in the arts and theatre. She uses the arts in her research, her teaching and in her work with schools.  Jane has written original plays for children and has adapted children’s stories for performance. 

As a member of the Playwright’s Assembly (2003-2005), Neptune Theatre, Jane began writing plays for adults. Adie’s Postcards was first conceived there and went on to have a Kitchen Table Reading arranged through PARC, September 2004.  The play was shortlisted in December 2004 by Nightwood Theatre for the Groundswell Festival. In 2005, Adie’s Postcards was selected by Sarasvati Productions for a public reading at FemFest. As part of this honour, Jane worked with dramaturge Deborah Tihanyi.

Jane is currently a member of PARC (Playwrights’ Atlantic Resource Centre) and the Nova Scotia Writers Federation.