About the settlement of Roxbury:

Together in Time is set in the abandoned settlement of Roxbury, on the South Mountain between Lawrencetown and Paradise, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. The settlement was a busy community in the late 1800’s. Logging was the main industry.  

Approximately 15 families lived in Roxbury. The children who lived there attended a one-room school. Because the children helped their families with the harvest in the fall and in the woods in the winter, the school was only open from May to November.

No one lives up there today but the remains of the houses, with their rock walls and foundations can be seen if you look closely. You can also find apple trees growing wild, once planted by the families who lived there. A bit harder to find, are the two cemeteries that you can visit. There you will find the gravestones. Originally there were three cemeteries in Roxbury but only two have been found so far.

Today Roxbury is designated as a protected “Unique Area”. This means the 57acres of land that once was the settlement of Roxbury is protected.



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