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Eleven year old Lori Daniels feels her life is boring. She longs for the excitement of the good old days that her grandfather has told her about. All she wants is to have an awesome adventure to write about in her diary.

Loriís hum-drum life quickly changes when she gets caught up in a race to save Roxbury, an old abandoned settlement near her home, from destruction by a large gravel company.

She soon finds herself involved in an intriguing mystery complete with chases on horseback, an elusive girl named Elizabeth, a hidden cemetery, and a series of puzzling coincidences that leave her wondering if what she has seen is real or imaginary.

Lori discovers, first hand, that some things just canít be explained.

ISBN 978-0-9879390-0-5

In Nova Scotia, Together in Time can be purchased at Tattletales in Dartmouth, The Inside Story in Greenwood,
The Blue Griffin, MacDonald Museum and Pharmasave in Middleton,
Endless Shores Books in Bridgetown and the Mad Hatter in Annapolis Royal.

This book can be ordered directly from the author at $15 Cdn including shipping and handling.
Pease email us directly if you want to order multiple copies.


Roxbury really did exist.  Read more about it here.