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Eleven year old Lori Daniels feels her life is boring. She longs for the excitement of the good old days that her grandfather has told her about. All she wants is to have an awesome adventure to write about in her diary.

Loriís hum-drum life quickly changes when she gets caught up in a race to save Roxbury, an old abandoned settlement near her home, from destruction by a large gravel company.

She soon finds herself involved in an intriguing mystery complete with chases on horseback, an elusive girl named Elizabeth, a hidden cemetery, and a series of puzzling coincidences that leave her wondering if what she has seen is real or imaginary.

Lori discovers, first hand, that some things just canít be explained.

ISBN 978-0-9879390-0-5

In Nova Scotia, Together in Time can be purchased at Tattletales in Dartmouth,
The Inside Story in Greenwood, The Blue Griffin and Pharmasave in Middleton, and the Mad Hatter in Annapolis Royal.

This book can be ordered directly from the author at $15 Cdn including shipping and handling.
For orders of 5 copies or more, the price per book is $12 including shipping and handling.



What is peace? To each one of us, it is something different.  You might think of it as a bell that you can ring so all the world can hear it, or a special gift to open with care. Or is peace a candle that we light at night to keep the darkness away?

"Stephanie Carter's jewel-like images harmonize perfectly with Jane Baskwill's inspiring text to illuminate the many ways people can make a more peaceful world."

Mondo Publishing ISBN: 1590344480

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"The Earth touches us in many ways... and we touch the Earth. Jane Baskwill explores the ways we interact with our environment in this lavishly illustrated picture book, including some easy suggestions for children to touch the Earth: plant a tree, go on a beach sweep, adopt an endangered animal. Luminous paintings by Peter Fiore complement this simple text of environmental awareness,"  Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia

Mondo Publishing ISBN 1-57255-428-2



"At any moment in time, somewhere on our planet, something wonderful is happening in nature.



You will be enchanted

Jane Baskwill's gentle poem will capture your imagination and invite you to think about places far and near, events large and small, about all the marvelous things that make up life on this planet.  Trish Hill's illustrations, finely crafted in color wash over scraped board, vividly reflect the dramatic natural beauty and wonder of our world.

Mondo Publishing ISBN 1-57255-131-3


Dinosaurs and teddy bears, exploring and pretending, stargazing and camping out; all the adventures of a young child's world are gently presented in this collection of poems for pre-school and early grades.  But look carefully - exciting activities are hidden away in the illustrations.  Share this book with small friends and wait for them to say, "Read it again".

Wild Things Press ISBN 0-929065-00-X

Currently out of print.   Keep your eyes open when visiting your local used bookseller! 




ane's poems can also be found in the following anthologies:


 Bubblegum, Books, and Bugs: Poems for You and Me  
                Scholastic (2006)ISBN 0 7791 5480 0 







Morning, Noon and Night: Poems to Fill Your Day 
                    Mondo (1996) ISBN 1 57255 128 3









I am thrilled to have been asked to contribute Pass the Poems Please and In Grandma's Attic for this collection. The book has been published by Nimbus Publishing.











Dear Mrs. Baskwill...

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